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Fleets of Fancy: Vauxhall Insignia GSI

Why should I want it?

The Insignia GSi is the top of the range on Vauxhall’s biggest car, offering 210hp in either hatchback or estate forms, with power pushed through all four wheels from a 2.0-litre BiTurbo diesel engine. While rapid, it’s far from a sparkling performance hatch, feeling more like a potent high-speed grand tourer. There was also a 260hp petrol version, but that’s been dropped.


Why can’t I have it?

Optional extras of only premium paint, a panoramic roof and a heated windscreen were enough to take a GSi Sports Tourer over the £40,000 mark. Emissions are also a bit tricky for business drivers at 188g/km.


Arguments to use on the fleet manager

It’s probably the most appealing perk car in the Vauxhall line-up, so sole-badge customers may find management fancy a bit of GSi action, while the practicality element of fast estates is always appealing. And residuals of more than 30% aren’t too bad at all, while four-wheel drive sure-footedness can be handy for some.

Paul Barker


More fleety alternative

Fleets of Fancy - December 18 - Vauxhall Insignia GSI - FLEETY aLTERNATIVEA more modest Insignia is a much more sensible fleet decision, and a SRi VX-Line model with the 165hp turbocharged petrol engine is over £11,000 cheaper, has emissions of 131g/km and gets tasty 18-inch alloys, plus a sports bodykit and other upgrades.







Vauxhall Insignia GSI