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Fleets of Fancy: VW Up GTI

Why should I want it? 

All the classic VW GTI boxes are ticked to make the car feel like a baby Golf GTI. That includes e tartan-pattern seats, GTI logos on the grille and steering wheel, and the red trim lines inside and out. It’s great fun to drive, with something refreshingly old-school about the nimble chassis not being overwhelmed by too much power.

Why can’t I have it?

The driving experience is great for a blast, but the Up GTI hops and skips a fair bit, and can feel that it is tossed around by bumps at the will of the road, rather than commanding them. It’s also basic inside, which is forgivable in such a cheap, fast car, yet still worth noting.

Arguments to use on the fleet manager

For such a small car, the Up is surprisingly practical, with four adults carried in more comfort than you’d expect and a decent 251-litre boot. Add in that low P11D price and impressive emissions for something that’s such fun, and you have a unique take on the budget sporty perk car.

A More sensible alternativeFleets of Fancy - Fleety alternative - VW Up GTI - 20th October 2018

It’s tricky to find a more fleety performance model than the price and CO2 of the Up GTI, but you can have a car with the same practicality, and which looks good in FR Line trim, is easier to live with and is more than £2000 cheaper. It’s the Up’s Seat Mii twin. It does though only have 75hp.



Performance:8.8 seconds/122mph