The UK’s number one selling car manufacturer has called on Government, auto industry, energy providers, local authorities and consumers to form a partnership to hit the Government’s target of banning petrol and diesel new car sales in 2030.

“We will not achieve the government’s 2030 target organically,” said Stuart Rowley, president, Ford of Europe. “We need a plan, supporting the rollout of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, in operation ahead of November’s critical COP26 climate summit.”

The company said that a nationwide electrification strategy is required to provide a co-ordinated effort to help consumers move to electrification.

Rowley said that the key stakeholders need to come together to focus on “accelerating the development of the charging infrastructure at home, in the workplace and in public locations”, as well as moves to “encourage consumers to purchase all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles through stronger incentives”.

Ford produced a new Go Electric report, outlining four key action points for the UK:

• Comprehensive Roadmap: an action plan led by Government and agreed by all relevant stakeholders, which sets out the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of the switch to electrification.

• Charging Infrastructure:charging points need to be accessible for all with public charging points required across the UK so that no regions are left behind.

• Incentivisation: a need for a comprehensive regime of both purchase and usage incentives that encourage consumers to adopt all-electric and plug-in hybrid technologies.

• Information for all: consumers have said they do not feel that they have enough information on electric vehicles. This requires a collective effort from all stakeholders to ensure customers have confidence in the technologies.

Ford recently launched the full electric Mustang Mach-e model, and will launch its first European-built electric car in 2023, as part of a partnership with Volkswagen. The brand will also begin electric Transit trials later this year ahead of a full launch in 2022, and has the Kuga plug-in hybrid also within its line-up.

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