Company Car Today

Fledgling premium brand Genesis is on the verge of kicking off its approach to the corporate marketplace, having arrived in the UK with a largely retail offering this summer.

The brand, sister company to Hyundai, held a recent event with the top leasing companies and residual value guides, signifying its moves to enter the business sector ahead of new electric cars due in 2022.

The EV G80 executive saloon and GV60 are both due to join the product line-up in the first half of next year, with another as-yet unveiled EV also coming in 2022.

“When we get the electric vehicles, we have to be in a position where everything works,” Genesis head of sales Johnny Miller (pictured) told Company Car Today.

He said the aim is to be listed with all lease companies, and the framework agreements are close to completion.

The brand is direct-selling online and has a ‘store’ in London, and appoints each buyer a Genesis Personal Assistant to manage the entire process.

Genesis has appointed a new sales development manager, with Richard Shortridge joining from now-defunct Mitsubishi. His role will be to engage with leasing companies in the same way as personal assistants are the customer point of contact.

Miller said the corporate market will also have to adjust to Genesis’s haggle-free pricing. “We don’t have a sales target, it’s about natural growth,” he said. “We have got to get across the message that it is a bit different, we have got to get lease companies and intermediaries to understand that it is easy to buy a Genesis,” he continued.

According to Miller, Genesis will use servicing work as an opportunity to expose drivers to the company’s other models; they will be offered the next vehicle up in the range as a courtesy car when their vehicle requires attention.

The “five-year care plan” approach is also requiring lease companies and whole-life-cost experts to adapt systems, because, uniquely, it covers the servicing for the car across the first five years. Five years of roadside assistance and over-the-air system updates are also offered on every car.