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The Go Ultra Low campaign to help consumers and businesses make the move into electric cars and light commercials is to finish in its current form at the end of next month after the Government decided not to renew funding for the stand-alone programme.

A Department for Transport spokesperson told Company Car Today that the Government is looking to “streamline” its approach to all campaigns, and that the messaging on moving to electric vehicles is “not coming to an abrupt halt”, but will now form part of an umbrella campaign for all communication activities, with Go Ultra Low forming “part of a coordinated cross-Government campaign targeting relevant audiences with streamlined messages.”

“The role of Go Ultra Low will evolve and we are exploring options for what the future of the campaign might be,” said a statement from DfT.” These options will recognise the rapidly changing market for EVs, with [vehicle manufacturers] dedicating more money and resource to promoting them.”

“This government is committed to building back greener and EVs are key to this, which is why we’re taking on a refreshed and more streamlined approach to our campaigns,” continued the DfT spokesperson. “The Go Ultra Low campaign is an excellent example of how Government and industry have collaborated to increase the uptake of electric vehicles – the recent 2020 market-share numbers for plug-in vehicles soaring over 10 percent is testament to that.”

The joint campaign, head by Poppy Welch since July 2015, is supported by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, car manufacturers, energy providers and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, and has been running since 2014. Its work included the Go Ultra Low Companies programme that encouraged fleets adopting EVs to act as ambassadors and help others move to plug-in technology, as well as conferences designed to help businesses better understand the intricacies of moving to electric cars and vans.

The DfT spokesperson said that the Government is keen to continue working closely with the SMMT.



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