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All large filling stations and motorway services will have to have charging points for electric vehicles under new government plans. 

If passed into law, The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill will give the Government powers to force forecourts and services to install charge points. The chargers will be ‘smart’, interacting with the National Grid to manage demand. The bill also sets out a framework for the insurance of automated vehicles in the future. All drivers of automated vehicles will be required to have insurance and the government intends that victims of collisions involving an automated vehicle will have access to compensation, in line with existing practices.

The Transport Minister, John Hayes, said: “We want the UK to be a leading hub for modern transport technology, which is why we are introducing the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill in Parliament and investing more than £1.2 billion in the industry.

“This bill will aid the construction of greater infrastructure to support the growing demand for automated and electric vehicles as we embrace this technology and move into the future.” The director of the RAC Foundation, Steve Gooding, welcomed the bill:

“It is clear that government needs to do more to accelerate the take-up of electric vehicles, tackling the issues that are currently persuading motorists to stick with conventional fuels, as well as paving the way for autonomy. The test, though, will be how effectively those powers are exercised.”