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The Government has used World EV Day to announce more plans to help encourage drivers into electric vehicles.

Parking spaces painted green and charging points at supermarkets and popular tourist spots are part of the latest scheme, along with a £9.3m scheme to allow businesses to trial electric vans and £12m worth of funding into the research and development of new EV technologies, with the ambitious target of six-minute vehicle charging stated by the Department for Transport.

The van trial scheme will be operated by Highways England and is an extension of a pilot scheme in Leeds earlier this year, and funds a two-month swap from diesel to electric light commercial vehicles.

“We’re pleased to be working with councils across the country to encourage businesses to make the switch to electric, and we expect many more to start using electric vehicles when they see the savings possible,” said Highways England chief executive Jim O’Sullivan.

Grant Shapps“Whether you’re taking a trip with the family or commuting to work, with the wide range of models at competitive prices, it is now more cost-effective and convenient than ever to drive and charge an electric vehicle,” said transport secretary Grant Shapps (pictured).

Research into accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles conducted by the Behavioural Insights Team and Transport Research Laboratory for the Department for Transport has found that improving the perception of the cost of EVs and the state of the charging network is as important as the realities. “While the actual cost of EVs and the adequacy of the charging infrastructure are critical factors, behavioral science advocates that where perceptions are worse than reality, it may make sense to focus on improving those perceptions before investing considerable funds into improving reality” said the report’s authors, which also found that the public and industry were in favour of “carrots” rather than “sticks” in terms of further ideas to push adoption of electric vehicles.


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