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Grey fleet drivers are being put at risk by lax attitudes when it comes to safety, results from a new survey have suggested.

According to the Government-backed Driving for Better Business campaign, 45% of employees surveyed who drive their personal car for work said they have not been given a copy of their employer’s driving for work policy. At the same time, it said 75% of the executive directors quizzed

The lobby group polled 1,006 employees and 255 executive directors and claimed tension between what C-Suite claim and what their employees say is happening while driving for work.

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Meanwhile, 90% of drivers surveyed said they used their personal cars for work journeys, 75% doing so at least once a week, however, a third of these drivers (33%) were not insured to do so – saying they do not have cover for business use on their vehicle insurance. Only a third (34%) said their employer had checked their driving licence.

The survey also revealed that nearly a half of business leaders polled (49%) expect their employees to answer their phone at any time, including while driving for work and that half of employees (45%) said they experience stress when they receive a call from their boss while driving for work, while one in six employees who drive for work (17%) said they have been involved in an incident when driving for work due to a phone call from a colleague.

“Leaders are failing to communicate and implement a robust driving for work policy to keep those who drive for work safe, particularly for those who use their personal cars. Leaders are failing to carry out basic due diligence checks such as ensuring that all employees have a driving licence or vehicle insurance,” said Simon Turner, campaign manager at Driving for Better Business. “At the same time, the study highlights employees are putting themselves at risk while driving for work, not checking that vehicles are roadworthy and exhibit reckless behaviours when using their mobile phone.”