Driver licence-checking service Licence Bureau has warned that grey fleet challenges to fleets have reached “epidemic proportions” and are unlikely to get any better soon.

The firm said the growth in personal leasing and tax changes following the introduction of the WLTP emissions-testing regime will mean that many fleets will struggle to come to terms with grey fleet problems.

According to Licence Bureau the UK’s company car fleet is due to fall by 11% this year and the firm warned that some fleets may not be able to adhere to Duty of Care obligations when employees are using their own vehicles for company business.

Grey fleet mondeo

“The first questions we ask fleets is how many company cars and grey fleet drivers they have. The majority cannot answer the latter part of the question, so we know many companies’ duty of care is out of control,” said Steve Pinchen, sales director at Licence Bureau.“Generally, it’s not because the companies are complacent, but because the grey fleet part of their business is changing at such a pace many don’t know where to start to control it on a daily basis to keep compliance at 100%.”

He added: “It is a huge area which continues to grow. We already know that of the estimated 14 million vehicles in business use across the UK, only around one million are company cars and this is forecast to reduce by a further 11% over the coming 12 months. What this means is there are a huge amount of grey fleet vehicles in circulation and organisations need to be aware of how this impacts their employee duty of care. It’s a very real situation and there are not many businesses in the country that do not have a grey fleet of some description.”