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The traditional business mantra that ‘going green costs money’ is redundant. In fact, not going green costs money, and this message needs to be spread throughout the business community.

We took delivery of the majority of our 32 Tesla Model 3s in September, as part of transitioning all our 100 cars to electric over the next 12 months.

When we started looking to transition our company fleet, our main priority was that we needed to ensure employees were no worse off, financially and in terms of the quality and performance of the vehicle itself. Of course, the business needed to be close to cost-neutral too, and we wanted to ensure that there would be no loss of productivity. I am proud and pleased to say that initial indications are we have secured all of the above, which for me makes this investment a major commercial and environmental success for us.

Opinion - Ground maintenance firms green mission - Ground Controls fleet of Tesla company cars

Ground Control took delivery of the majority of their 32 Tesla model 3s in September 2019

Given the total cost of ownership was a key driver in our decision to purchase the cars, we considered fuel costs, servicing, road tax, etc and discovered that the business is cost-neutral in comparison to a fleet of internal combustion engine cars over the lifetime of the vehicle.

A major consideration for our employees was the 0% Benefit in Kind which will be introduced in April 2020, and thankfully, the benefit is taken into consideration retrospectively so you can take delivery now and still benefit from the 0% once implemented. This incentive means that for the employees, these vehicles provide significant savings compared to any combustion-engined vehicle.

“However small the environmental effort you make, it all contributes to a collective good we desperately need”

We are also in the process of converting our commercial-energy supplier to one that provides renewable energy and we also work with our employees to help them convert their home-energy provider to one that draws its energy from renewable resources.

Opinion - Ground Maintenance Firms Green Mission - Tesla Charge Points & Charging cars

The company’s Tesla 3s are charged using electricity from renewable energy sources

In my mind there is little point investing in a fleet of EVs if the majority of the power used to charge them on a daily basis comes from non-renewable resources, so this whole package completes the circle – EVs recharged by renewable energy sources.

The next step is to move our vans, trucks and tools over to more environmentally sustainable alternatives as they become commercially available and the environmental credentials of each source stacks up.

It’s not an overstatement to say we have an existential crisis occurring in our lifetime when it comes to the environment, and everyone – from individuals, to business, regional organisations, governments and nations – has a role to play in addressing the environmental issues we have across the globe.

Simon Morrish - CEO - Ground Control - Image 1

Simon Morrish, CEO, Ground Control

However small the environmental effort you make is, it all contributes to the collective good – a ‘good’ we need. In this regard, I would urge other companies to do the right thing to see where and how they can convert to green technologies or providers of renewable energy; if it now also makes strong commercial sense, why would you not want to help the environment and help your business?


Simon Morris

CEO, Ground Control