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Just over half of people working in the transport and logistics sector feel lonely, according to charity the British Red Cross.

Its research claimed that 35% of the 4,000 transport and logistics workers polled said they don’t have colleagues they feel close to. It also found that  over two fifths (42%) of people say they often feel alone, like they have no one to turn to.

Its research also found that two fifths (40%) of those who do have people they feel close to or can rely on say those people live far away from them.

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Nearly three quarters of those surveyed (73%) added that their loneliness is having a negative impact on their life and that just over half (55%) are concerned this is going to get worse.

Zoë Abrams, executive director of communications and advocacy at British Red Cross, said: “Loneliness and social isolation doesn’t discriminate.  Life circumstances can change in the blink of an eye, meaning it can happen to anyone, no matter your age or background. We all need someone to turn to in a crisis, but the findings of our research suggest that there are many people in our communities feeling they lack meaningful, human connections.  This will be concerning for all of us to hear, no matter where we live in the UK, or with whom.”