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Hyundai knocks Merc off EV popularity top spot

Hyundai has replaced Mercedes as the most popular EV manufacturer in the second quarter of this year, according to the latest figures from

The company reported that its plug-in enquiries overtook those for diesel vehicles for the first time ever in the second quarter of 2021, with full EV and plug-in hybrids models up 20% on Q1 of 2021 and 290% up on the final quarter of 2019, the last one before the pandemic hit. It also found that enquiries were increasingly on in-stock models, due to production shortages on new vehicles.

“Our Q2 EV market report reaffirms the broad trends that we are seeing in the UK automotive market this year,” said head of strategic partnerships Paul Harrison. “Namely, that new car EV growth is outpacing all other fuel types, that consumers and SMEs are seeking out in stock vehicles because of ongoing supply issues and affordability is key as we emerge from the pandemic.”

Grey fleet warning over missed meetings and poor maintenance

New research has found that almost a third of drivers using their own vehicles for business trips have either missed meetings or been late due to car problems.

The research by Enterprise questioned almost 2500 employees that use their own cars for business trips across the UK, France and Germany, and the UK had the highest number of respondents that have a warning light illuminated on the dashboard, at 42%, almost half of which don’t plan to have it addressed before driving for work.

“Unmanaged business travel is a huge concern for businesses and the public sector across Europe, especially now that many employees work from home and often use their own cars for work because they see it as an easier option,” said Adrian Bewley, assistant vice president of business mobility for Europe at Enterprise. “The costs of mileage and kilometre reimbursement are rarely tracked and can lead to businesses spending tens of thousands of pounds and Euros on potentially unsafe business travel.”

Shell to install 800 Waitrose charge points

Shell is to install 800 Recharge points in 100 Waitrose stores by 2025, with each store getting six 22kW and two 50kW chargers.

Waitrose Shell chargingThe first point will be operational early next year, and are part of Shell’s goal of installing 5000 charge points at locations including its petrol forecourts by 2025.

“This is great news for EV drivers across the UK, knowing they can easily, quickly and reliably charge up at Shell charge points while shopping at Waitrose,” said Shell UK Retail general manager Bernadette Williamson. “We want to make EV charging as hassle-free as possible and support our customers wherever they want to charge.”