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Glasgow-based broker Intelligent Car Leasing has launched a car subscription service aimed towards company car drivers.

Created in partnership with subscription marketplace, Wagonex, Intelligent Car Leasing said it is the first broker to provide such a flexible service, where customers will be able to sign up for a subscription that includes all services bar fuel, for periods ranging from six months to 24 months.

The approach to car provision offers customers a choice of cars with no upfront costs, and covers insurance, maintenance, as well as roadside recovery, in an inclusive monthly package, which allows users to swap between vehicles every six months if they wish.

Intelligent car leasing subscription

Marc Murphy, head of sales and marketing at Intelligent Car Leasing, said: “Increasingly, consumers want new ways to access the services they desire, whether it’s for films, clothes or for online deliveries. We believe now is the time for consumers to switch on to the benefits of car subscriptions, where all services are wrapped into the one package, and there’s the flexibility to choose different cars when they want and to stop the subscription at their convenience. It really is the next step forward in car usership models.”

Wagonex, head of platform, Joakim Thomter, added: “Flexibility is the essence of car subscriptions, which allow the consumer to drive a car without any long-term financial commitment. We are an established player in the subscription market, and partner with a number of recognised automotive brands. This now includes Intelligent Car Leasing in the broker space.”