Company Car Today - Issue 54 - 26th June 2019

VW has also upgraded the GTE plug-in hybrid version of the Passat. The GTE now features a larger 13kWh battery, up from 9.9kWh, which means the official electric-only range is now 34 miles, nearly a third better than before. Charging is limited to 3.6kW to improve battery life and reduce the cost of the inverter needed. Available as either an estate or saloon, the PHEV batteries don’t impinge on the flat load floor of the estate, although under-floor storage is lost because this is where the petrol fuel tank is housed – while the batteries sit under the rear seats where the fuel tank resides in the conventionally engined Passats. It’s also the only car in the Passat range that meets the upcoming RDE2 regulations. However, Volkswagen is currently unable to offer any emissions data for this car either. The previous GTE had a 40g/km figure. PASSAT PLUG-IN However, Volkswagen hasn’t published any official technical data about the car’s efficiency in terms of CO 2 and mpg and equally it hasn’t confirmed the pricing and equipment for the UK market, which makes it hard to judge as a company car. What we do know is that despite efficiency revisions the diesel engines don’t meet the new RDE2 requirements, so are hit by the attendant BIK penalty. Having said that, and assuming the pricing, equipment and CO 2 figures are competitive, the Passat remains a safe company car choice. VERDICT: Without pricing, specification or any mpg and CO 2 figures it’s near impossible to say how competitive, and therefore how good, the Passat is for fleets. This aside, as a car to cover long distances, though, it is excellent. Tristan Young SPECS MODEL: VW Passat Estate 2.0 TDI 190hp R-Line P11D: 35,575* MPG: 61.4mpg* CO 2 : 120g/km* ON SALE: Q4 2019 * = Estimate INTERIOR Volkswagen has worked hard to improve the quality inside (not that it really needed to), and the level of technology is higher, including a digital dash EFFICIENCY Engines may have been tweaked but they are still not compliant with RDE2 emissions standards,so are subject to the 4% Benefit-in-Kind taxation penalty REFINED Passat still makes a superb long-distance car, remaining quiet and refined. However, the 2.0 TDI engine isn’t quite as happy at low revs, when it can be a bit loud COMPANY CAR TODAY.CO.UK 23 REVIEW