Company Car Today - Issue 54 - 26th June 2019

Contact the Kia business team on 0808 141 6880 to book a test drive today F A M I L Y M E E T T H E STYLE SPACE Zoom in on style. The All-New Ceed is the stylish hatchback with low whole life costs. In the Ceed range you’ll find bold accents and style throughout. Choose Ceed as your ultimate company car. Make your mark. Space has never felt as flexible and versatile. Choose ProCeed if you do not want to compromise style with practicality. It’s perfect for you and your business. Space in style. The All-New Ceed Sportswagon offers space and practicality. It combines assured, athletic design with heaps of space and a dynamic drive. Let nothing stop you and your business. Add more freedom. VERSATI L ITY