Company Car Today - Issue 54 - 26th June 2019

Peugeot has revealed an all-new version of its 2008 crossover ahead of its arrival in the UK early next year. Following the launch of the 208, it is the brand’s second vehicle that will offer petrol, electric and diesel powertrains. The electric version of the 2008 is powered by a 100Kw (136hp) motor that offers 193 miles of range under the WLTP testing regime. According to Peugeot, an 80% charge will take 30 minutes, while a full charge using conventional 7.4kW and 11kW fast chargers will take between five and eight hours. The company is also offering a smartphone app that will allow owners to pre-set the charging times, heating and air-conditioning as well as check the battery’s current charge level. NEW PEUGEOT 2008 GOES ELECTRIC FROM LAUNCH BVRLA: Government is failing on EVs New 3-Series Touring gets PHEV The Government must do more to promote electric vehicles if it is to meet its target of achieving ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050, the BVRLA has said. According to the rental and leasing body, problems with taxation, infrastructure and vehicle supply are hampering EV registration numbers. It claimed the Government is “failing in three key areas”. First, there’s a lack of clarity about what taxes will be levied on EVs in future years. Then there are still too many rapid charge point ‘blackspots’, and finally the ability to roam between different charging networks remains a challenge. In order to raise the number of EVs in fleets, the BVRLA called on the Government to provide a five-year plan for company car taxation and EV incentives, as well as setting an EV registration quota that increases over time. BMW has released details of its all-new 3-series Touring model ahead of first deliveries from the end of September. As with the outgoing model, the new version is offered with a number of petrol and diesel engines, and, for the first time on the estate, a 42g/km plug-in hybrid will follow in 2020. The 318d is powered by a 150hp diesel engine that returns an official 65.7mpg and emits 118g/km of CO 2 , while the 190hp 320d has a fuel figure of 64.2mpg and 119g/km of CO 2 . Boot size has increased by five litres to 500 litres with the rear seats in place. and a single 1.5-litre 100hp diesel powerplant. Unlike some models, the electric version of the 2008 retains the same boot space – 360 litres – as with the petrol and diesel variants. That said, this figure is down on the outgoing car’s 410 litres. The styling has been brought in line with that of the larger 3008 and 5008 SUVs, which have enjoyed success since The electric version will be distinguishable through some subtle styling cues, including a body-coloured front grille, an ‘e’ monogram on the front side panel and the tailgate, and a lion emblem that alternates between green and blue depending on the angle it is viewed from. There’s one 2.0-litre petrol engine available, offering 100hp, 130hp or 155hp outputs, COMPANY CAR TODAY.CO.UK 6 NEWS The big stories from the past fortnight in the f leet world