Kia and Hyundai have reduced the ranges for their Kona and e-Niro electric SUVs following an error in the homologation process.

This means the ranges have had to be recalculated; the official range of the e-Niro falls from 301 miles to 282 for the 64kWh model and from 193 miles to 179 for the 39kWh model, while the Kona Electric in 39kWh form now has a range of 180 miles – down from 193 – and  the 64kWh model has a range of 279 miles – down from 300.

Kona Electric

“In carrying out the new tests on the car to establish its homologated electric vehicle driving range, the independent organisation overseeing the process accidentally provided an incorrect testing methodology and then approved the results it generated,” Kia said in a statement, explaining the error came to light while testing another new electric vehicle. “This led to the e-Niro being tested for a disproportionate length of time on the WLTP ‘urban’ cycle (comprising lower overall vehicle speeds and a reduced energy requirement), resulting in an overestimation of the vehicle’s all-electric range.”

Hyundai said in a statement:  “Hyundai is concerned to have learned that the officially recognised driving range of Kona Electric must be corrected and is taking this matter seriously. No other Hyundai vehicles are affected by this issue.”

Kia added it is “is proactively communicating with customers who may have already ordered an e-Niro to explain this discrepancy” and confirmed this news does not affect any other element of the specification in the UK.