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Meridian Vehicle Solutions has announced it is planning to target the corporate fleet market with its medium-term rental scheme next year.

Up until now the company has concentrated on working through leasing and fleet management companies as intermediaries, however, the company’s MD, Phil Jerome, said he wants to build up his own customer base.

“It is essential to our future growth that we start to develop our own direct sales customer base,” he said. “The fact is that the vast majority of potential customers for medium rental are almost certainly unaware that the product even exists, so we are very much starting at the beginning by creating awareness.”

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He added: “Our belief is that the current fleet market, where the economic uncertainty created by Brexit is a growing issue, company car taxation remains in flux and problems caused by WLTP are persisting, is very much one that will be receptive to what we offer. Essentially, our model is to offer cars for periods of 3-12 months with a monthly rate that is broadly the same as a contract hire rental but without the long term commitment or penalties for early termination. This has enormous appeal for fleets who are keen to defer vehicle replacement decisions until the longer term picture is clearer.”

To start off with, the brand said it is to launch a telesales campaign tasked with the aim of increasing awareness of medium-term rental.

“The target is simply to talk to as many businesses as possible during 2019, explaining the benefits of medium term rental as a product and our proposition specifically,” he concluded. “Our experience is that, when people running fleets gain an understanding of what we do, they can immediately see ways in which we could potentially fit into their operations. It is very much a question of trying to reach this level with a wide potential customer base.”