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Mitsubishi has called on the Government to do more to promote greener vehicles.

While it welcomed the BIK changes, the Japanese firm said “more needs to be done to encourage the uptake of clean vehicles” and said the Government should present “a concrete long-term plan of how it intends to encourage the adoption of cleaner vehicles” adding “its stated Road to Zero goals are clear, but a clear roadmap of how we get there is urgently needed.”

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - 2018 - Image 8

It said the plan should include a review of VED banding “because it currently offers an ongoing incentive of just £10 per year for those adopting a greener vehicle”, while the company also said the Government should look at incentivising regular charging to ensure that PHEVs are used to their full potential as well as a clear plan for manufacturers to work to pertaining to charger types and cables, charging capabilities and the placement of recharge slots on the vehicles.

Rob Lindley, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, commented, “It is encouraging that proper consideration has been given to plug-in hybrid vehicles as part of the upcoming BIK updates for company car drivers. We’re hopeful that the government is beginning to understand that PHEVs represent the perfect segue to a zero emission future, with our customers telling us that on average they drive half their daily mileage in pure electric mode and a quarter of those customers indicating that they’re seriously considering a pure electric vehicle for their potential next purchase. Like the rest of the motor industry, we are very much behind the government’s zero emission goals but like any long journey it’s something that needs to be undertaken in carefully measured and paced steps.”