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Morrisons has installed the first 50 rapid electric vehicles chargers as part of plan to create what it claimed is the largest supermarket rapid charger network.

The firm’s points are being provided by Geniepoint and Morrisons said it will install a further 50 rapid chargers by 2020.

Pod Point is in the process of installing 2,400 charging points at Tesco stores, however,  these are 7kW fast chargers available for free or 50kW rapid chargers “for a small cost in line with the market rate” but a Pod Point spokeswoman  has not responded to a request to ascertain how many rapid points are currently installed.

Morrirsons E Charge 30

The rapid chargers will charge an electric car six times quicker than standard charging points, meaning that a 20-30 minute charge will give drivers up to 100 miles of travel range, Morrisons said, adding that to help customers, the charging points have been located around the perimeter of the car parks to ensure they are available to those who need them and not obstructed by other customers.

There is no monthly fee to use the chargers and drivers only pay for the electricity they use which costs 30p per kWh, the supermarket said.

Alex Bamberg, managing director of Engie EV Solutions, the owner of the Geniepoint network, said: “Providing convenient, fast charging facilities is essential in ensuring drivers have the confidence to switch to electric vehicles and reduce traffic pollution. Morrisons supermarkets are ideally situated in communities as drivers go about their day to day activities and will make an important contribution as we build the most reliable rapid charging network nationwide.”

Andrew Ball, fuel and services manager at Morrisons, added: “Customers are beginning to take part in the biggest revolution in car design since the internal combustion engine was first developed. We need to follow them and give them the opportunity to charge while they shop.”