EV mileage rate short-changing drivers

The four pence per mile official Advisory Electric Rate is failing to meet the cost of charging for most drivers, even if only home-charging is taken into account, according to research by TMC.
The company said only Renault’s Twizy quadricycle would cover the cost of charging at 4p per mile using public charging, with the actual cost per mile being as much as 65% higher for cars and 165% higher than the AER rate for light commercial vehicles, before allowing for an adjustment of around 15% in colder weather.

“If employers want to encourage EV take-up in company fleets, they need to consider the actual cost per mile of using those cars and vans,” says Paul Miers, TMC’s chief data officer.

“Simply paying the current AER of 4p per mile will leave company drivers out of pocket, particularly if they rely on the public charging network to be able to complete their journeys.”

According to TMC’s research, almost half of the EVs on sale would cost more than 4p per mile using home charging, and that number rises to all bar eight when allowing for the 15% uplift caused by cold weather reducing vehicle range.

BMW latest to cut EV prices to achieve new grant threshold

BMW has cut the prices on its i3 and i3S models, following moves already made by Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall to make drops to get electric cars below the new EV grant threshold of £35,000.

The i3 now starts at £33,805 and the quicker i3S at £34,805, ensuring both models receive the £2,500 Government grant.

Google Maps to default to most eco-friendly route

Google Maps is to begin defaulting to the route with the lowest carbon footprint, if it has a journey time close to that of the fastest route.

Launching initially un the United States, but with plans for a global rollout, the modelling takes in factors such as road incline and traffic congestion, and will allow drivers to compare the CO2 impact of routes if there is a significant difference in estimated time of arrival.

It will also alert drivers to clean air zones, allowing them to route around if necessary.


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