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‘Dangerous’ gaps in fleet road to zero: BVRLA

The BVRLA has declared that there are “dangerous gaps” in the fleet market’s journey to zero emissions, with a mixed picture in terms of the trajectory of different car, van and truck fleets.

The leasing and rental association said the picture is “mostly encouraging” for electric car adoption, while it rated the EV infrastructure and supply as having a positive outlook.

The van market was less positive, thanks to concerns about shortage of suitable product, issues with the public charging infrastructure and insufficient Government support, but the HGV market is of most concern, with the BVRLA saying it has “precious little momentum, with no phase-out delivery plan, no technology roadmap, no mainstream vehicles and no charging infrastructure”.

“Every fleet is on the ‘road to zero’, but the task ahead is easier for some than others,” said BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney. “There are ‘sweet spots’ where the tax incentives, total cost of ownership and typical journey patterns make going zero emission an attractive choice. Elsewhere, progress is much slower as fleets grapple with a shortage of appropriate vehicles and eye-watering charging infrastructure costs.”

Over-the-air updates for VW ID models

Volkswagen has announced that all its electric ID-branded cars are now able to receive free over-the-air software dates as the company continues what it called its “transformation into a software-orientated mobility provider”.

The company is aiming to provide updates every 12 weeks, and the first ID.3 and ID.4 update includes improved image processing on the adaptive cruise control camera to better recognise motorcycles and other road users, which also helps the headlight regulation on the adaptive main beams, where fitted. The ID Light strip across the bottom of the windscreen is also being updated to provide guidance on energy-saving driving.

“The new updates are a central functionality of the digital, connected car. They will quickly become normal for our customers, in the same way as they have for their smartphones,” said VW’s head of technical development Thomas Ulbrich. “Software development is iterative and fast. We work in short cycles, like a tech company, and provide updates to our customers at correspondingly short intervals.”

EV drivers missing out on big tariff savings

Electric vehicle drivers could be saving a total of £92m a year by switching to a dedicated EV tariff, according to research by Love my EV .

The price comparison firm said almost a fifth of EV drivers surveyed weren’t aware of EV-friendly tariffs that could save them an average of £351 per year in energy bills.

“Electric vehicles can not only benefit the environment, they can also save people huge sums; but drivers need to shop around for the best deals,” said Love my EV founder Mat Thomson. “There are more and more dedicated EV tariffs available, as energy suppliers compete for drivers making the transition.”