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New £70k entry point for Porsche Taycan, Mycardirect acquires Avalon rental, tease of new Hyundai baby crossover

Porsche Taycan

£70k Entry Porsche Taycan

Porsche has announced a new entry version of its all-electric Porsche Taycan. The rear-wheel drive model costs £70,690 and slots in below the four-wheel drive Taycan 4S, which costs £83,580, for a new access point to the four-door model.

Porsche Taycan 2021The car is offered with either 225kW Performance or 270kW Performance Plus batteries, with a range of up to 268 or 301 miles. The Taycan was Porsche’s second best-selling model in the UK last year, and deliveries of the new addition will begin this spring.

As with the rest of the Taycan range, the entry model benefits from Porsche’s Functions on Demand system, which allows drivers to add optional convenience or Porsche Taycan 2021assistance functions over the air post-purchase, or for a limited period, without having to go to a dealership. At present, the functions offered are Porsche InnoDrive and Power Steering Plus. InnoDrive adapts the vehicle speed to the road ahead, allowing for bends, roundabouts and junctions, and costs £759 outright or £18 per month. The Power Steering Plus tech provides extra assistance for low-speed manoeuvres and more direct steering at higher speed, and is offered for £299 for the vehicle’s lifetime.

Mycardirect acquires Avalon Vehicle Rental

Fledgling flexible car subscription firm Mycardirect has acquired Avalon Vehilce Rental, rebranding the company as Mycardirect Rental.

Mycardirect acquires AvalonThe acquisition comes alongside a move to a larger premises in Hemel Hempstead to allow for growth from the current level of 32 staff over the next five years.

I am absolutely delighted with the progress we have made over a very short period of time,” said Mycardirect chief executive Duncan Chumey. “The acquisition of Avalon Vehicle Rental significantly strengthens our customer proposition and our new offices create a superb environment for the Mycardirect team and our expansion plans.”

The company was founded last year, offering all-inclusive packages from one to 24 months for a monthly subscription fee.

Hyundai teases new small crossover model

Hyundai Bayon teaser 2021Hyundai has revealed teaser pictures of the new small crossover model that it will launch in the first half of this year. Called the Bayon, the new model will have long and narrow daytime running lights at the front, designed to give the impression of width, and distinctive arrow-shaped tail-lights.

More information will be revealed in the coming weeks.


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