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Vehicle thefts more likely to take place at night

Four out of five vehicle thefts in England and Wales occur during the night, with the number of thefts increasing by 10% between October and December.

This is according to Aviva, which added that compared with the monthly average for 2019, vehicle-related theft claims were 10% higher between October and December, and 29% higher than in June 2019.

“Criminals take advantage of the cover of darkness. Sadly this means there can be more opportunities for vehicle crime when nights are longer. We’ve seen this trend in our home insurance claims and the same appears to be the case for vehicle-related thefts,” said Sarah Applegate, risk and governance lead at Aviva.

Enterprise launches long-term rental option

Enterprise has launched a rental scheme for businesses that require vehicles for more than a month.

Called Enterprise Long-Term Rental, the firm said it allows fleets to rental vehicles for longer periods efficiently, including based on vehicle emissions, and without any termination penalties, and follows on from various lockdowns which “made it harder for businesses to predict when and for how long an employee may require a vehicle,” the rental giant said.

“We’ve designed Enterprise Long-Term Rentals to enable employees and key workers to remain mobile, in a modern, safe, low-emission and well-equipped vehicle, with the peace of mind that they can keep the vehicle for longer to meet changing business mobility needs,” said Adrian Bewley, assistant vice president of European business mobility at Enterprise.

FleetCheck extends ‘back to work’ app

Fleet software company FleetCheck has extended the availability of an app designed to handle the risk management of drivers returning to work after furlough until March 2021.

The Back-to-Work app covers areas such as driver health and fitness, with special attention paid to coronavirus symptoms, and the condition of the vehicle. It is designed for car and van operators.

Peter Golding - FleetCheck

Peter Golding, the managing director of FleetCheck, said: “The app bridges an area of risk management for which there is no obvious solution – what to do about vehicles and drivers that have been outside of normal fleet operations for an extended period of time.”



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