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EV ‘fuel card’ launched by Centrica

Energy firm Centrica has launched a new Fleet Charging Management System designed to act as a “virtual fuel card” for electric vehicle drivers charging at home, work or at public charging points.

Centrica EV app 2021The company said it is working with a number of leasing companies to provide the system as part of a bundle including EV charging point installation. Centrica’s own British Gas fleet will be among the first businesses to use the system, with the firm having already taken delivery of the first of 3,000 electric Vauxhall Vivaro-e vans.

“Many organisations that have a home-based workforce are looking to transition to EV. On street charging can be prohibitively expensive, so we are providing the technology that will allow more drivers to charge at home, which has previously been very difficult to administer,” said John Hartley, director of product management at Centrica Business Solutions. “But, many commercial vehicle drivers won’t have access to off-street parking so it’s important that we break down some of the barriers to access for public charging networks too, making it easier for drivers to charge at home, at the workplace, or on the road.”

Shell launches SME fuel management app

Shell Fleet Solutions has launched a new Fleet App, designed to help small businesses with up to 10 vehicles to save time and cost.

The app consolidates transactions into a single monthly payment, with drivers able to use over 3,800 petrol stations across the Shell, Esso, Gulf, Texaco and Morrisons networks, among others. The system is able to direct drivers to the nearest eligible fuel station and download a digital VAT receipt, meaning drivers don’t need to collect and submit physical proof.

“Last year presented significant operational challenges for many different industries, particularly for small business owners,” said Sarah Llewelyn, head of Shell Fleet Solutions UK. “With costs and operational efficiency under the microscope, we want to support small business owners in reducing admin time, and boosting operational savings”

Charge cable theft warning

Charging cables have been labelled as a “must-have” item for scrap metal thieves, with rubbish removal firm warning that drivers should ensure cables are locked away when not in use.

“Car chargers are particularly appealing to thieves because they can be sold for up to £200 and they are selling them everywhere, eBay, Facebook, and to dodgy scrap dealers,” says Divert director Mark Hall. “And they can be pretty costly and inconvenient for you to replace, so it’s best to keep it locked away from the crooks.”

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