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Porsche confirms electric Macan plans

Porsche has confirmed that it is developing an all-electric version of its next-generation Macan SUV, with first prototypes already running around its Stuttgart HQ.

The new electric model is planned for launch in 2023, with the brand aiming to develop the most sporting electric SUV in its class. Porsche said it will continue to offer a combustion-engined Macan, with the new model due later this year.

Company car driver hardship warning

A new white paper by IAM Roadsmart has warned that working drivers, including company car Tired Driverdrivers, could be exposed to underlying hardships worsened by the pandemic. According to the organisation, the constant pressure to keep up with demands combines with the resultant fatigue to impact mental and physical health, and IAM Roadsmart is calling for urgent changes to support working drivers through training, policies, advice and procedures.

“Individuals involved in driving for work were already rushed and under pressure. Post-COVID they probably will be more so because there’s more fear about job security and more pressure on employers to recover lost ground,” said IAM Roadsmart chief executive Tony Greenidge. “People long for everything to go back to normal. The problem is, for many drivers normal wasn’t such a good place.”

New E.ON tariffs for EV drivers

Energy firm E.ON has announced two new tariffs for electric vehicles drivers alongside its fixed rate tariff, aimed at helping customers improve their sustainability.

Climate+ pledges 100% renewable electricity and offsets gas use with carbon neutral initiatives. E.ON will also plant five new trees for each customer that signs up with the tariff priced at £1,075 for a dual fuel customer.

Next Drive sets a fixed 4p per kWh price between midnight and 4am, with timing set via the Next Drive app, rising to 17.6p per kWh outside of those times. It also promises 100% renewable energy.


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