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Afternoon round-up: Government diesel tax, history essential for used sales, leasing trends revealed

Proposed diesel tax to backfire

Numerous sources including ACFO, the RAC and the Financial Times have reported that the government may announce a new tax on diesel vehicles in its Budget on 22 November, leading to concerns that businesses may continue to run older, dirtier vehicles for longer, to avoid increased costs. Exhaust

Commenting on the rumours, RAC chief engineer David Bizley said: “We are concerned that those who drive long distances, business drivers especially, might consider sticking with their older diesels given the superior economy they offer.

“It would be a terrible misjudged ‘knee-jerk’ reaction which could backfire and have the unexpected effect of encouraging these owners of older diesels and fleets not to upgrade to newer, cleaner diesels which offer significant benefits in reduced emissions.

“This isn’t what the Government, or any of us, want and is the opposite of what is needed from an air quality perspective. However, it would also be grossly unfair to penalise owners of current diesel vehicles.

“The irony is that the next generation of diesel engines which manufacturers are developing right now are likely to be as clean as their petrol equivalents – so while a new tax might be logical in the short term, this logic will likely not apply within a year or so.”

Epyx: vehicle history crucial for trade buyers

A comprehensive vehicle history is the most important factor for trade buying used cars and vans online, according to e-commerce specialist Epyx. Vicky Gardner, remarketing commercial manager, Epyx

The firm surveyed 157 people, 88% cited a solid history a crucial. The ability to choose from a wide range of vehicles was second at 80%, followed by minimizing auction fees at 68%, access to a large number of car brands in at 63% and access to expert account management at 47%.

Vicky Gardner, remarketing commercial manager at Epyx (pictured), said: “These results give what we believe is a really accurate snapshot of how trade buyers view online buying at the moment.

“What they want is an excellent choice of stock, backed with strong provenance and low fees. It is all about getting high quality cars onto their web site and forecourt at minimum cost.”

Fulton reveals business leasing trends

Premium brands BMW and Mercedes have been the most popular leasing choices this autumn, according to Fulton Leasing. The company said interest had waned in Fords and Volkswagens and that, despite being popular throughout the year, the Range Rover Evoque was also proving less popular, though the Mercedes A-Class and Kia Sportage were performing well.

“We’ve also seen very strong interest in the Range Rover Evoque,” said managing director, Tano Di Girolamo, “it’s interesting to see the pick-up in volumes for the A-Class, and that seems to be in line with the deals that are available, particularly for business users. It’s also great to see the Kia Sportage in the top five, because it’s a really affordable and reliable family car that has taken on the likes of the Qashqai.”