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Citroen to give in-car reminder to plug in PHEVs

An over-the-air update has been activated by Citroen to remind drivers of its C5 Aircross plug-in hybrid to charge their vehicle if they are failing to do so.

The system, which will also be active on the C5 X PHEV coming in 2022, will appear on the screen if 10 journeys have been made and five days have passed without plugging the vehicle in.

Citroen research shows that PHEVs complete 55% of journeys under 25 miles on electric power, and more than half of customers charge their vehicles at least once every 62 miles.

Used fleet car values rise by 40% in 2021

The average price of a defleeted company car has risen by 40.8% during 2021, according to Aston Barclay.

Aston Barclay Vehicle remarketing, Chelmsford, on March 28, 2018.The average value of a 24-54-month-old car was £10,411 at the beginning of this year, and now sits at £14,659 thanks to the shortage of new car supply leading to contracts being extended on existing vehicles, and therefore cutting the volume of used cars in the marketplace.

Between Q2 and Q3 of 2021, prices were up by 23.5%, with rises reported across all fuel types.

Aston Barclay also said that leasing companies are reporting that two-thirds of orders received are for electric vehicles. “In three to four years we will see a massive increase in EV stock coming to auction. Between now and then used prices will settle down to give vendors some of idea of what cars are going to be worth in the new electric age,” said Aston Barclay managing director – customer Martin Potter.

Ionity claims plug-and-charge first

High-power public charging network Ionity has claimed to be the first open network to offer plug-and-charge capability at all its stations.

Ionity Milton KeynesThe technology recognises the car as it is plugged in, and automatically bills the charge to the pre-set details, ending the need to pay at a charge point or use an app. There are currently only a handful of vehicles equipped with plug-and-charge facilities, including the Ford Mustang Mach-e and Porsche Taycan, but more are set to arrive.

Ionity, which was founded by a joint venture of BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes and Volkswagen Group, said the process is complicated by the need for “intense cooperation” between automotive and charging station manufacturers, as well as e-roaming partners, to ensure a uniform process.

“Getting the communication chains up and running was a major challenge. It was necessary to develop Plug & Charge as an entire ecosystem,” said Ionity head of charging technology Dr Susanne Koblitz. “Together with relevant players in the industry, we implemented a standardized system that enables all partners to authenticate each other, allowing the electric vehicle and the charging station to communicate while ensuring confidentiality, data integrity and authenticity.”


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