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Second Audi A3 PHEV confirmed, EVs attracting drivers back to company cars, Hyundai Tucson due in spring

Audi confirms more powerful A3 PHEV

A second and more powerful Audi A3 plug-in hybrid model will be introduced early next year, adding to the launch version that has recently arrived in the UK.

Audi A3 PHEV 2020The new A3 45 TFSIe will offer a combined 245hp, rather than the 204hp of the 40 TFSIe, and its S Line Competition spec puts it in the 10% BiK band thanks to a 37-mile electric-only range. The lower-powered model is also available in Sport spec that gets the range over 40 miles for a 6% BiK rating.

“By branching out the A3 range with an additional TFSI e S line Competition model that promises to broaden appeal through even stronger performance, without appreciably eroding the fundamental efficiency of the concept and the attractive BIK proposition it consequently presents for business users,” said Audi UK director Andrew Doyle.

EVs attracting drivers back to company cars

Shaun Sadlier, head of consultancy, Arval 2018.jpgElectric vehicles are increasing the appeal of company cars, with drivers moving back to schemes in “noticeable” numbers, according to Arval, which said while the move was predicted with the move to zero BiK rates on EVs, it is now becoming “apparent”.

“Many cash takers liked their company car but didn’t like paying what they perceived as high benefit-in-kind and that was why they opted-out,” said Arval UK head of consulting Shaun Sadlier. “Now, with low benefit-in-kind in place for EVs for at least five years, many more are now returning to company car schemes.”

New Hyundai Tucson PHEV to arrive in spring

Hyundai Tucson 2020The plug-in hybrid version of Hyundai’s new Tucson crossover will be added to the range next spring, with a provisional 31-mile electric-only range. The rest of the new Tucson line-up arrives in the UK in January, led by a 127g/km petrol-electric hybrid with a 230hp power output.

When the 265hp PHEV joins the new range, it will give it what the brand claimed is the widest range of powertrains in its class, adding to mild hybrid petrol and full hybrid options. A sportier-styled N Line trim will be added to the range during 2021.

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