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Subaru reveals its first EV

Subaru has revealed the first images of its debut electric vehicle. Called Solterra, the new model Subaru Solterra 2021comes as a result of a partnership with Toyota, and will arrive in Europe in the second half of 2022.

The five-seat Solterra will be built in front- or four-wheel drive forms, with 150kW and 160kW power respectively, which translates to 201hp and 215hp respectively.

Internal Subaru figures have given the car what the Japanese brand described as a “cruising range” of 329 miles for the front-drive car, dropping to 286 for the heavier and more powerful all-wheel drive version that uses a second motor for the rear wheels.

Kia previews SUV concept amid 2045 carbon neutral pledge

Kia has confirmed plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 and full electrification in all major markets by 2040, or 2035 in Europe, as well as revealing teaser sketches of the Concept EV9 that forms a basis for the brand’s next dedicated electric model that will join the recently launched EV6.

Kia Concept EV9 teaser 2021Kia said that by 2045 it aims to reduce 97% of its 2019 emissions, attaining full neutrality by implementing additional measures to offset its remaining emissions.

“For us, it is not only about setting goals and reaching targets. It is about setting a vision that will inspire others to join the movement to benefit humanity and protect the environment,” said Hosung Song, president and CEO of Kia.

Other moves include all energy being through renewable sources by 2030, while all company fleet vehicles will be full electric by 2030.

Used values stay close to record levels: BCA

Second-hand car values have remained close to record levels, with October being the second-highest month on record for BCA, although dropping by more than £500 on September.

BCA used valuesThe monthly average sold value last month was £11,295, which is 38.6% higher than the average 12 months ago, which stood at £8152, reflecting the shortages that are hitting the new car market and driving up the demand for second-hand vehicles.

“The market may have eased back from some of the frenzied activity seen in recent months, however with very little certainty around new car supply, average used car values remain robust,” said BCA UK COO Stuart Pearson. “It doesn’t feel like it would take a lot to change for the market to reignite, particularly as we move towards the opportunity that the New Year presents for retailers”.

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