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Audi expands EV card coverage

Audi has added the BP Pulse charging network to its e-tron charging service, boosting the number of public points available via one card to over 17,500.

Audi e-tron Charging Service card 2021The card is offered with two tariffs – City at £4.91 per month and Transit at £16.81, which cuts the price of charging at Ionity points from 70p to 28p per kWh. The cost of using BP Pulse points will range from 20p to 42p depending on charging speed, dropping to 16-27p with a £7.85 bolt-on BP Pulse package .

The e-tron charging service covers 75% of public charging points, including those of the Pod Point, Source London and 20 other UK operators.

“Audi’s aim has always been to make the transition from combustion to electrified vehicles as easy as possible for our customers, and the expansion of our ultra-convenient e-tron charging service is a clear demonstration of that,” said Audi UK director Andrew Doyle. “With only one card Audi customers now have access to almost 75% of the UK’s public charging points – that’s a vast collection of fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging points across the country, which will provide them with greater flexibility and convenience day-today.”

New senior management team for Fleet Alliance

Leasing provider Fleet Alliance has a new chief executive and chief operating officer with the arrival of Andy Bruce and Nigel McMinn to the respective roles.

Previous managing director Martin Brown becomes chairman in the reshuffle at the Glasgow-based fleet management and leasing broker firm, which said it manages a fleet of 30,000 vehicles worth more than £1bn.

Both Bruce and McMinn previously worked at automotive retailing giant Lookers, and the move is described as the “most significant” in the company’s 20-year history.

“Fleet Alliance has grown significantly into a premium fleet management company since the business first started. But now the time is right for the longer-term development of Fleet Alliance and an injection of fresh new thinking as the leasing sector becomes more mainstream,” said Brown. “In my new role as Chair, I will continue to have a key input to the business and draw on almost 25 years of experience in the leasing market. Although I will be stepping away from my day to day role, I will work with Andy and Nigel on strategy, while representing the interests of the shareholders.”

BCA hits 4m milestone for Assured Reports

Remarketing giant BCA has passed the four million mark with its Assured Reports that provide a 40-point mechanical check aimed at giving buyers increased peace of mind.

The reports are offered on vehicles under nine years old and with less than 120,000 miles covered, and the milestone has been reached a decade after launch. It includes brake test to VOSA standard, tyre depths, suspension, fluid levels and gearbox check of first and reverse gears. Buyers have 48 hours or 500 miles to report any issues not matching the BCA Assured documentation.

“The BCA Assured Report is an essential part of the remarketing process and has gone through various iterations on its journey to passing four million reports,” said BCA UK COO Stuart Pearson. “Working alongside BCA’s grading, cataloguing and imaging services to generate a transparent, honest and robust trading environment, the report delivers benefits for both sellers and buyers alike.”