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Vauxhall cuts EV prices after grant reduction

Vauxhall has become the first manufacturer to adjust prices of its electric vehicles following the Government’s reduction in threshold for EV grant eligibility last week.

All versions of the Mokka-e and Corsa-e get a £3000 price drop to quality for the grant, cut by £1000 to £1500 last week and on cars costing under £32,000 rather than the previous £35,000.

The move comes a week after the brand announced official range figures for both vehicles, with the Corsa-e rising by 13 miles to 222, and the Mokka-e up by eight miles to 209 thanks to powertrain developments.

Vauxhall Corsa-e 2019Vauxhall reacted strongly to the reduction in grant contribution and threshold last week, with managing director Paul Willcox saying they provided a “confusing message to UK customers and will harm EV adoption at a time when we all need to be doing all we possibly can if we are to stand a chance to move the UK to electrified only vehicles by 2030”.

Whilst we understand the government’s desire to phase out the plug-in vehicle grant at some point, we really need to see a more strategic, longer-term approach,” Willcox continued. “A lack of clarity and certainty for customers can only harm EV adoption and leave the UK lagging behind other countries in the race to decarbonise personal transport.

“Whilst electric vehicle adoption is growing rapidly at the moment, EVs still represent a small percentage of the overall UK vehicle parc,” Willcox concluded. “ In our view, further work is needed on other fiscal incentives, such as considering a reduction in VAT for EV, and also aiming that support at those that financially need it to make the move to EV.”

Q4 headed for Audi top spot

Audi believes the all-electric Q4 e-tron could outsell the A3 and become its best seller if current order rates and supply continues in 2022.

First Drive -July 2021-Audi Q4 E-tron - Image 8Describing 2021 as “one of the most challenging ever”, Audi managing director Andrew Doyle said that lead times were a frustration for customers, however, more than 6,000 Q4s have been sold in the six months it has been on sale.

With the majority going to company car drivers, order take for the Q4 suggests 2022 could see volumes hit 20,000 for the new EV.

Audi’s EV success also extends to the e-tron SUV which “comfortably outsell the Q7”, said Doyle. The e-tron is also due a mid-life update in 2022 which will include a boost to its range.

Doyle added that 2021 had been a “tough but transformative” year with half of its new car launches either being EVs or PHEVs and that by 2025 the brand will have 20 full EVs on sale. He added that by 2033 the only new Audi customers would be able to buy would be fully electric.

Fleet Alliance creates new sal-sac manager position

Fleet Alliance has renewed its emphasis on its salary sacrifice offering with the adoption of a new salary sacrifice product manager role, filled by Mark Robert, who joins from Zenith where he was most recently customer relationship director.

Mark Roberts Fleet Allaince“Salary sacrifice is a great way of helping customers transition to affordable electric vehicles,” said Roberts (pictured). “Our main focus will be the SME sector, where many of the larger players don’t want to play, as we will provide customers with the tools to research and obtain quotes for EVs, for which there is an ever-growing depth of choice from the manufacturers.”

“There is a huge level of demand out there currently as many companies realise the savings in tax and national insurance that can be made and recognise that salary sacrifice is a great incentive to aid recruitment and retention,” he continued.

The company said the appointment is “an indication of the importance with which Fleet Alliance views salary sacrifice in its future expansion plans”, following its sal-sac offering launch in summer 2021.

“We are seeing a huge number of enquiries from businesses that are not currently customers who want more information about salary sacrifice and the opportunities that exist,” said Fleet Alliance chief executive Andy Bruce. “They may still operate company cars but want help in making electric vehicles available to a wider cross-section of employees.”

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