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Range boost for existing Audi e-trons

Owners of Audi e-tron 55 EVs of 2019 or 2020 model year have been given an extra 12.4 miles of range thanks to a software update available to all customers.

The update takes place at an Audi service centre and also includes a vehicle health check for the 1655 vehicles with the larger of the two battery offerings built between September 2018 and November 2019.

The update increases the usable capacity available from the 95kWh battery in the e-tron 55 as well as optimising control of the front electric motor to increase efficiency.

Audi has delivered more than 50,000 EVs globally across the first three quarters of 2021, a 51.4% increase on the first nine months of 2020.

LCV sector splitting into thirds over EVs

The van sector is splitting into three distinct camps over the adoption of electric LCVs, with sceptics set to be an issue going forward, according to Fleetcheck.

Operators can be split into enthusiastic adopters, those seeing electrification as inevitable and the group determined to resists EVs for as long as possible according to Fleetcheck managing director Peter Golding.

“We all know about the major fleets that are buying hundreds of eLCVs and blazing a trail, and there are those who are not enthusiastic but view the arrival of electric vans as something they just have to do,” said Golding. “However, it is not difficult to find others who are determined to drag their heels and this has potential implications for fleet van operations. Especially among SMEs, it is not unusual to find vehicles that are 6-8 years old still in daily use. Even though diesel production ends in 2030, they could still conceivably be in use a decade later, which is highly undesirable.”

He said although opinions will change as more companies successfully adopt EVs, the latter group are still likely to be a “potential drag on the overall move to electrification”.

“It is very possible that within a few years, businesses seen to be using diesel vehicles will be viewed as out of touch by consumers, and there is every possibility that will equally apply to major corporations and small local companies,” Goulding warned.

Surge in EV lease searches

Total enquiries on electric, plug-in and hybrid vehicles grew by 66% in the third quarter of this year compared with Q2, according to

The three powertrain types accounted for 32.1% of searches between July-September 2021, compared with 22.9% in Q2.

EVs were the big growth area, up 87% quarter-on-quarter, with the Volkswagen ID.3, Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Kona topping the charts.

In the PHEV category, which was up 43% in searches on Q2, the Cupra Formentor, Volvo XC40 and Seat Leon were most in demand, while hybrids were up 51% with the Tyota Rav4, Hyundai Tucson and Toyota C-HR the top three.


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