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New tech to improve smart motorway safety

The Government has confirmed that no new so-called smart motorways will be opened until new radar technology to detect stopped vehicles is in place. The technology will also be rolled out to existing All Lane Running motorways six months quicker than was originally planned, following a Highways England report into the new motorways, which don’t have a hard shoulder.

By the end of September 2022, Highways England has pledged to install radar technology on all exiting stretches of ALR motorways rather than the original plan for March 2023, as well as upgrading cameras that can capture evidence of drivers ignoring the red X markers for closed lanes 10 months earlier than originally planned. Around 1,000 additional approach signs indicating the next emergency stopping area will also be installed.

Despite a spate of deaths on smart motorways where stranded vehicles in live lanes have been involved in collisions, the Highways England report found that over the period of 2015-2019 drivers are 33% more likely to be involved in a fatal accident on a regular motorway, rather than an ALR motorway. And the figure is 3.5 times more likely for an A-road versus an ALR motorway.

Tusker’s new car average CO2 falls below 50g/km

Tusker has seen the average emissions of its new car orders drop below 50g/km over the first quarter of 2021, a 15.5% drop on the 59g/km average over the same period of 2020.

More than two-thirds of its order bank at the end of March was for electric or plug-in hybrid cars, with electric cars taking 42% of new car salary sacrifice orders and PHEVs 27%. That compared with 2% and 14% respectively at the same point in 2019.

According to Tusker, the increase in take-up of salary sacrifice cars shows a move away from grey fleet and into managed vehicles, with moves to sal-sac particularly pronounced in the public sector, and the company has also reported s rise in the number of drivers that are 20% tax payers.

“It’s a very positive trend to see grey fleet drivers are switching to a new EV or hybrid on salary sacrifice, providing extra peace of mind for companies that grey fleet drivers are safely behind the wheel of a fully maintained and insured new electric car,” said Tucker CEO Paul Gilshan.

A quarter of the company’s 19,000 vehicles  are now electric, compared with 8.5% 12 months ago.

Autofutura acquires loyalty solution provider

Data expert Autofutura has acquired customer loyalty solution expert Chrysalis Loyalty in a move the company said will broaden its commercial offer for global automotive car manufacturers, fleet operators, financiers and retailers.

Autofutura provides what it calls “data-driven business intelligence”, and said that the deal brings together its forecasting tools, re-evaluation acquisition modules and IT optimisation with the portfolio analysis, data warehousing, call centres, training and consultancy provided by Chrysalis.


Two-thirds of motorists believe axing hard shoulders compromises safety

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