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Home working, home charging driver issues need addressing: Fleetcheck

An increasing number of people working from home that are choosing an electric company car should lead fleets to examine their reimbursement policies, with the four pence per mile AFR rate being a “blunt instrument”, according to Fleetcheck.

“We believe fleets should be carrying out their own calculations to ensure that this amount is fair and representative,” said managing director Peter Golding, who also recommended that extended service intervals on EVs mean that a policy of ensuring their condition is regularly inspected would also be sensible.

“We’re seeing a new type of fleet user start to appear in small numbers who, in a matter of years, might become even become the typical fleet car driver,” he continued. “This is someone who last year probably covered 20,000 miles a year in a diesel company car but thanks to the coronavirus situation is probably next year going to halve that figure with video conferencing and intends to minimise their personal tax by choosing an EV.”

Used LCV up during August

The average value of light commercial vehicles was up last month, with vehicles increasing by £11 to £7,709 compared with July and hitting an average of 13% over guide value expectations, according to BCA, which also reported that sold volumes were up by 7% in August compared to the previous month.

“Professional buyer interest continues to be exceptionally strong for LCVs with a notable uptick in activity from volume buyers and increasing numbers of buyers bidding online across the board,” said Stuart Pearson, BCA COO UK Remarketing. “BCA has the largest registered professional buyer base for light commercial vehicles and we are seeing levels of online engagement in our daily LCV sales programme continuing to increase significantly.”

Mild hybrid added to new Octavia line-up

Skoda has added a mild hybrid powertrain to its new Octavia line-up, with the 110hp 1.0-litre e-TEC petrol engine fitted with a 48-voly battery designed to allow the car to coast for longer periods with the engine off, reducing emissions.

Available in hatch and estate, and in SE First Edition and the fleet-focused SE Technology trim levels, the powertrain is offered only with the DSG automatic gearbox. Emissions sit at 115g/km for the hatch and 118g/km for the estate, slightly lower than the manual 110hp petrol that starts at 117g/km, but is more than £2000 cheaper than the automatic mild hybrid.

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