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Clean air zones to impact business trips

One in 12 drivers has said they expect business trips to be impacted by the increase in clean air zones across the country, while 25% of drivers aren’t aware of the expansion of London’s ultra low emission zone that comes into force on Monday, according to new research from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The company said that 16% of petrol cars more than 15 years old and 53% of diesels over six years old will be affected, totalling around 9.3 million cars, and 30% of drivers said they would stop driving into clean air zones completely and another 28% hadn’t yet planned for how to adjust to the new zones.

“Clean Air Zones are vital to reduce transport emissions, move people away from older, more polluting vehicles and encourage use of cleaner shared, active and public transport options,” said Ben Lawson, vice president of mobility for Europe at Enterprise. “However, more needs to be done to raise levels of awareness and provide travel options to those most affected, as it is not always possible to avoid driving into a CAZ.”

BMW Over-the-air update improves lane assist and Spotify

BMW has released a new over-the-air update for two million vehicles worldwide, which reduces unnecessary steering interventions on narrowing roads thanks to improved Lane Departure Warning, as well as adding the Spotify podcast playlist feature.

The update, which BMW said is available on 30 models featuring the Operating System 7, is claimed to be the biggest over-the-air update enacted by the brand so far. It also includes improved real-time traffic information, a tweak to the volume control for Android phones, enhanced detection for loading driver profiles and a new sound control for the M3 and M4 performance models to customise the interior sound.

BVRLA gives road toll evidence to parliament

The BVRLA has spoken to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee on road pricing, urging the Government to start planning for a new scheme to ensure a smooth transition from the current emissions-based taxation to one that reflects the growth in EVs.

Toby Poston, BVRLA Director of Corporate Affairs speaking to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee“There is a clear need for a new national road pricing scheme to be developed as more and more zero emission vehicles are seen on UK roads. We are removing fossil fuels from the equation, so the current emissions-based tax system will see revenues plummet,” BVRLA director of corporate affairs Toby Poston told the committee. “Any new road pricing scheme must be easy to pay and have the simple objective of providing a revenue-neutral replacement for fuel duty and Vehicle Excise Duty. It should be based on a simple ‘distance driven’ model that considers vehicle weight, emissions and use case, with discounts given to shared mobility solutions – such as car clubs, rental cars, buses and taxis – to incentivise more sustainable travel choices.”


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