Round-up: Ssangyong for Welsh fire service, Updated Mazda CX-5, Warning over returning keys

Ssangyongs for North Wales fire service

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service has added three Ssangyong Musso pick-up trucks to its operation.

SsangYong Fire and Rescue 2020“We need a versatile vehicle that can operate in a number of environments,” said Geraint Jones, fleet and engineering manager at North Wales Fire Service. “The Musso is strong, has 4WD capability with a good ground clearance for use in adverse weather conditions such as snow and floods. Our teams have to cope with some of the most extreme situations, so we need vehicles that can perform reliably in a wide variety of scenarios.”

Nick Laird, managing director of SsangYong Motors UK, said; We’ve been making big strides in the specialist vehicle market and we are delighted that North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is our first fire service! The trucks look amazing and are perfect for the role for which they have been purchased – go anywhere, value for money, rugged 4WD vehicles.”


Lower CO2 for revised Mazda CX-5 petrol

The addition of cylinder-deactivation technology to the 165hp petrol Mazda CX-5 has cut emissions by up to 8g/km, now kicking off at 160g/km on the manual version. The latest model-year upgrade azda CX-5 map screen 2020also brings an update to the map view on the central touchscreen. The most efficient model in the line-up remains the 150hp diesel at 151g/km, although it is not yet RDE2 compliant so sits in a higher BiK band than the cylinder deactivation-equipped petrol.

The current-generation car was launched in summer 2017, and received an update a year later with additional safety equipment, technology and uprated power on the 2.2-litre diesel engine.


Warning over handing back company car keys during lockdown

The AFP has warned that drivers seeking to avoid company car BiK payments during the coronavirus lockdown should do more than simply post keys through the door of unattended offices, because an audit trail will be required if HMRC is to be satisfied.

Ford Focus ST Line“During lockdown, there are many people facing potential hardship and being able to avoid benefit-in-kind could make a genuine difference to some,” said AFP co-chair Caroline Sandall. “While it has been established in principle with HMRC that key handback is a definite option, there are some points on which we remain unclear.”

“The main immediate problem that needs to be avoided is employees simply pushing their keys back through the letterboxes of unattended offices, something of which we have heard several reports,” Sandall continued. “For your employer and HMRC, this doesn’t create an audit trail showing when the key was returned or to who, which is something that may need to be ultimately established to the satisfaction of either or both.”

HMRC is set to publish new guidance around the taxation of company car drivers unable to use their vehicles, on which they are taxed as a benefit, during the period of social distancing.