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EVs fuelling huge Arval sal-sac growth

Arval has witnessed a 280% growth in its Ignition-branded salary sacrifice scheme in the past 12 months, with the top 15 most popular cars all pure EVs.

“We are finding that salary sacrifice its not just the needs of people who would like a company car and do not currently qualify for one, but also employees who have taken a cash allowance option and are looking for alternative car provision,” said Arval consultant Richard Cox. “The latest, most advanced and environmentally-friendly cars can be offered to employees at extremely attractive monthly rates, supported by more choice in the electric car marketplace which means that there’s an option for every budget and lifestyle need.”

Cox said employee’s reluctance to use public transport and a desire to switch to more environmentally friendly cars are also helping fuel demand.

Zap-Map to offer low-carbon route planner

EV Charging point locator Zap-Map has been awarded more than half a million pounds of Government funding to create a new low-carbon route planning function in partnership with Advanced Infrastructure.

The new routing will give drivers the ability to chose the route with the best eco credentials, based on carbon intensity data for individual charge points using real-time grid data.

The development is expected to go live in early 2022 as part of Zap-Map’s route planner 2.0.

“Drivers and fleet managers choose electric because they want to lower their carbon footprint, so how the electricity powering their vehicles is sourced is paramount,” said Zap_map co-founder Ben Lane. “The integration of Advanced Infrastructure’s data provides that in-depth traceability, driving the footprint of already low-carbon journeys down further still and helping businesses go the extra mile in the detail and transparency of their carbon reporting.”

Highways England rebranded for ‘new era for strategic roads’

Highways England has been rebranded as National Highways with immediate effect. The name change is described as “heralding a new era for strategic roads”, and reflects its focus on delivering the Government’s £27bn strategic roads investment programme.

The organisation has confirmed Nick Harris as permanent CEO, having been in the post on an acting basis since February.

“Nick will steer Highways England into an exciting new chapter, as it evolves into National Highways and delivers on our £27bn plan to improve our roads and make journeys safer, smoother and greener,” said transport secretary Grant Shapps.