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Facelifted Dacia Duster, EV training improves efficiency, Used market stays strong in May: BCA

First pictures: Revised Dacia Duster

Dacia has unveiled a mid-life facelift for its Duster small SUV. The budget brand has been given a revamped front-end, with a new Y-shaped daytime running light signature, as seen on the new Sandero models, while LED headlights are available for the first time on a Dacia.

The engine line-up has been renewed, including a six-speed auto gearbox on the 150hp petrol engine, while the rest of the line-up comes with a six-speed manual gearbox. The full line-up is 115hp diesel, 90, 130 and 150hp petrol and a 100hp LPG powertrain.

Although figures are not yet available, the company claimed it has reduced emissions and increased fuel economy on the new Duster, with optimisation of the car including a new rear spoiler, new wheel bearings and tyres and new alloy wheels contributing to a 5.8g/km reduction in CO2 on the four-wheel drive Duster.

In the cabin, new upholstery, headrests and a new touchscreen mark out the updated car, as well as a new high centre consul with wide movable arm rest.

TTC reports 20% range improvement following EV training course

Drivers attending an electric vehicle training course saw an improvement of up to 20% in the achieved range of their vehicles, according to TTC.

Construction firm Willmott Dixon put its EV drivers through the course, which costs £295 for a half-day and £445 for the full day, and is designed to implant a “fresh mindset” to help drivers get the most from the electric vehicles, as well as covering charging infrastructure, battery life, taxation and vehicle grants.

“This is the biggest revolution in the automotive industry for over 100 years,” said Martin Starkey, product manager development & implementation, TTC. “EVs require a whole new mindset towards driving and our course helps change driver habits and adapt their approach to driving which has immediate benefits on key elements like range. Hopefully, we can reduce the levels of range anxiety among EV drivers.”

Used marketplace stayed strong in May: BCA

Average used car values continued to outstrip market expectations in May, according to remarketing giant BCA, which also reported record numbers of customers buying online and a significant rise in sold volumes.

Average values dropped slightly compared with April 2021, down by £169 to £8408, although that compares with £7566 for May 2020 during the peak of lockdown.

The company for the first time saw more than 10,000 different customers participating in online sales in the same week.

“We continue to see high levels of confidence from professional buyers and exceptionally competitive bidding across the range of stock on offer from BCA,” said COO BCA UK Stuart Pearson.


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