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Next VW Golf to be 48V mild hybrid

Volkswagen has announced that the forthcoming, eighth generation Golf will be fitted with a 48-volt mild hybrid system. 

The technology has already been employed in larger, more luxurious VW Group models such as the Audi A8, and involves the battery powering a greater number of the vehicle’s components, such as the air conditioning system, in order to reduce the load for the engine and save fuel.

The battery can also provide additional power to the engine and allows the vehicle to coast with the engine switched off which, according to VW, can generate a fuel saving of 0.3 litres over 100 kilometres.

Housing firm picks contract hire over purchase

Property developer and housing specialist Grand Union Housing Group has outsourced its fleet of 45 vans to leasing firm Ogilvie. Ogilvie Fleet wins Grand Union Housing Group fleet contract

The company, which operates in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, previously purchased its own vehicles but switched to contract hire following a review.

Grand Union’s health, safety and business services manager, Richard Pearce, who is responsible for the company’s fleet, said: “Value-for-money is clearly vital, but the key reason for opting for contract hire and moving away from outright purchase was that it delivered budgetary simplicity due to monthly fixed costs. We previously found that service, maintenance and repair costs could escalate rapidly in the final year or two of a vehicle’s operating life and that could impact on budget certainty.”

DVSA launches earned recognition scheme for fleets

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) officially launched its earned recognition scheme at this week’s Commercial Vehicle show at Birmingham’s NEC.

The scheme is designed to help operators of large vehicles to ensure they meet driver and vehicle standards, meaning they are subsequently less likely to be stopped by DVSA roadside patrols.

Click here to read full details of the scheme on the government’s website.