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Citroen confirms Ami Cargo EV, Scudo and Ulysse names return to Fiat, Alphabet brand refresh

Citroen confirms Cargo version of Ami baby EV

A light commercial version of the Citroen Ami will launch next year, with the electric car converted to a one-seater, and the passenger seat replaced by a seven-part polypropylene module capable of taking 260 litres and 140kg of goods. With the rear load area as well, the Ami Cargo Electric will take a total of 400 litres.

The left-hand drive-only Ami has a 46-mile electric range and joins the two-seat passenger version for which Citroen has already received 1400 deposits since it went on sale in September.

Pricing for the Ami hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it should cost somewhere in the region of £7000 and have a small premium over the passenger version.  The Cargo will come later next year than the passenger car, which is due in spring 2022.

Citroen has so far received 11,000 orders Europe-wide for the Ami, 12% from businesses, including the French Army and independent garages, pizza delivery companies, estate agents and craftsmen.

Scudo and Ulysse names return to Fiat for new medium van/MPV

Fiat has announced that the Scudo and Ulysse nameplates will return to the brand’s line-up for its Fiat Professional Scudo and Fiat Ulyssee 2021new medium van and large people carrier respectively.

Using the same underpinnings as several Stellantis sibling vehicles including the Vauxhall Vivaro and Vivaro Life, the new model swill come with diesel and electric versions, the Scudo in van, combi and platform cab and the Ulysse with versions offering between six and nine seats.

The Scudo replaces the Talento model, and the Ulysse marks a return for Fiat to the large MPV sector, with order opening for the van version around the end of this year, and the MPV in Q1 of 2022.

Alphabet brand refresh

Leasing firm Alphabet has revealed a brand refresh, with the redesigned logo and corporate identity New Alphabet logo 2021signifying a “new strategic focus” as it moves into what it described as a new era of mobility.

“Alphabet is a forward-thinking company. Spotting and anticipating trends, implementing new mobility and technology, and our overall flexibility to change, is a core part of who we are. Now is the time for us to adopt a brand appearance to reflect the upcoming changes in our sector,” said Alphabet International COO Markus Deusing, who said the new logo “is as agile and modern as we are. But it’s much more than just aesthetics; it reflects the changes within the company.”


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