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Hydrogen vehicles could rewrite RV rulebook

Hydrogen vehicles could “rewrite the standard vehicle depreciation curve” according to Toyota.

Speaking at the Vehicle Remarketing Association’s January meeting last week, Jon Hunt, manager, Toyota and Lexus fleet marketing, said: “In the case of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the traditional residual value model no longer applies as unlike combustion engine or battery power trains the fuel cell does not wear out, extending the life and value of a vehicle with relatively low cost cosmetic refurbishment.

“As the vehicle also has all the advantages of quick refuelling and zero emissions, it is the most convenient and future proof technology available.”

DHL drivers forced to take pay cut, says GMB

Delivery drivers working for DHL/UK Mail have been forced to take a £2,000 pay cut, according to the GMB union.

The organisations said that drivers based at 55 sites around the country were made to sign a new contract, with a reduced salary, earlier this month, or face termination of employment.

Mick Rix, GMB national officer, said: “GMB have been inundated with calls from members and other drivers at DHL/UK Mail over their draconian treatment of drivers.

“The company made healthy profits in 2016, and appear to be aping other parcel firms’ model – paying executives huge amounts while expecting workers to do more as they cut their pay.

“We are urging all drivers for DHL/UKmail to contact GMB, we have lawyers waiting to talk to them.”

McCormick replaces entire LCV fleet

Condiment specialist McCormick is to renew its entire 176-vehicle LCV fleet with Citroen vans supplied by leasing firm Alphabet. Alphabet:Citroen:McCormick fleet deal

As part of the deal, 156 Berlingo BlueHDi100 725X crew vans and 10 Dispatch XL crew BlueHDi 120 vans will be used by the company’s retail sales and support merchandisers. The vehicles replace an earlier fleet of Berlingo crew vans, which have been in service since 2013 and will be fitted with Teletrac Navman navigation and vehicle tracking systems.