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Toyota announced 46-mile range for new Rav4 PHEV

Toyota Rav4 PHEV 2020The plug-in hybrid Toyota Rav4 coming next spring will offer a CO2 figure of 22g/km and an electric range of 46 miles, making it the most efficient PHEV in its class.

It will also be Toyota’s most powerful Rav4 yet, with the 2.5-litre petrol engine combining with the electric motor to offer a joint 304hp, enough to take the Rav4 Plug-in from 0-62mph in just six seconds. More detail and pricing will be confirmed nearer to launch.

The new model slots in above the regular ‘self-charging’ hybrid Rav4.

Addison Lee slams Uber licence decision

Private hire firm Addison Lee has reacted angrily to the decision by Westminster Magistrate’s Court to overturn TfL’s rejection of its licence to operate in London over safety concerns, primarily that 24 drivers shared their accounts with unauthorised drivers for a total of 14,788 rides.

“This is the second time Uber have been deemed unfit by the regulator for serious safety breaches and yet again they have been granted a reprieve, which we believe puts passengers at risk,” said Addison Lee chief executive Liam Griffin. “Uber has allowed nearly 15,000 journeys to occur where the passenger in the back of the vehicle wasn’t being driven by the correct driver – in some cases by someone who wasn’t even licensed to drive a Private Hire Vehicle. Safety is fundamental to the Private Hire industry, and these breaches are evidence that Uber is unable to guarantee its passengers that they know who is driving them and their families around London.”

Fleet contract extensions up during pandemic

The number of vehicles being operated past their stated contract end has risen this year, with around 10,000 additional routine services being carried out between April-August 2020 compared with the same period of 2019, according to Epyx.

“Like the rest of the fleet sector, we were anecdotally aware that widespread contract extensions were occurring but not really the full extent and these figures help to shine some light on what has been happening,” said Epyx commercial director Debbie Fox. “Usually, there are very few maintenance actions concerning contract-extended vehicles on 1link Service Network but, in 2020, there have been significant numbers.”

Fox put the extensions down to a combination of businesses struggling to get hold of new vehicles during lockdown, and businesses minimising financial commitments while assessing the next steps for their business.


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