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Tesla begins trial to open charging network to non-Tesla EVs

Tesla has kicked off a pilot scheme to allow drivers of other CCS-enabled electric cars to use its charging network.

The trial, at 10 locations in the Netherlands, is expected to lead to a wider roll-out of the network “if there is available capacity”, which now totals 25,000 points worldwide and is present in a large number of UK service stations and other strategic locations.

Access to an extensive, convenient and reliable fast-charging network is critical for large-scale EV adoption. That’s why, since opening our first Superchargers in 2012, we have been committed to rapid expansion of the network,” said a company statement. “It’s always been our ambition to open the Supercharger network to Non-Tesla EVs, and by doing so, encourage more drivers to go electric. This move directly supports our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

The charging point can be accessed via “for Non-Tesla drivers reflects additional costs incurred to support charging a broad range of vehicles and adjustments to our sites to accommodate these vehicles”, with rates varying by site.

Call for pause to ‘smart’ motorway rollout

The group of MPs that makes up the Transport Committee has called on the Government to pause the roll-out of smart motorways until five years of safety and economic data is available, and safety improvements have been delivered and independently evaluated.

The group said that safety risks of all-lane-running smart motorways should have been addressed by the Government and National Highways before the schemes were rolled out, and that safety improvements should have been delivered in a timely fashion, but promises to prioritise improvements were broken.

The Transport Committee called on the Department for Transport and National Highways to:

  • Retrofit emergency refuge areas to existing all-lane running Smart Motorways to make them a maximum of one mile apart, decreasing to every 0.75 miles where physically possible.
  • Insert the emergency corridor manoeuvre into the Highway Code to help emergency services and traffic patrol officers to access incidents when traffic is congested.
  • Commission the Office for Rail and Road to conduct an independent evaluation of the effectiveness and operation of stopped vehicle technology.
  • Beginning in September 2022, task the Office of Rail and Road with evaluating the Department’s progress, particularly the incidences and response times for live lane breakdowns and educating drivers on the correct action to take.

Fuel hits new record price

Petrol and diesel both set new record price highs in October, with both fuels passing the previous highest prices set in April 2012, according to the RAC. Diesel passed the previous figure of 147.93p per litre on 31 October, a week after petrol exceeded the 142.48p previous high, and has continued to riser to 144.35p.

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