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Pavement parking ban consultation launched

The Government has launched a consultation into pavement parking, with the options of making it easier for councils to prohibit pavement parking, giving powers for councils to fine drivers parking on paths and looking at a nationwide ban on pavement parking, as is already in force in London, under consideration.

Research by the charity Guide Dogs found that 32% of visually impaired people and 48% of those in a wheelchair said the issue of cars parked on pavements made them less willing to go out on their own.

“Parking on pavements means wheelchair users, visually impaired people and parents with pushchairs can be forced into the road, which is not only dangerous but discourages people from making journeys”, said Transport Secretary Grant Schapps.


Fleet driver safety ‘world first’

TTC Group and Collision Management Systems have combined to launch what the firms claim is a “world first’ in driver safety. The companies have devised a real-time, personalised driver risk management programme that aggregates information from existing sources including connected vehicles, telematics, apps and connected cameras to produce real-time alerts and notifications, and allow for personalised driver training and e-learning.

“The Continuum Dynamic Data Engine really is a first for the fleet sector and the advantages of enhanced risk insight, reduced incident frequency, more engaged drivers and a futureproof investment are all key ingredients in the drive to increase road safety,” said TTC chief executive Jim Kirkwood.


Up to 12 million considering EV within two years

Up to 12 million people could be considering moving away from petrol or diesel and into electric vehicles, according to research of more than 2000 UK adults conducted by Uswitch. Of the respondents, 11% said they will buy a new or used electric vehicle in the next two years, with another 19% considering the purchase of an EV. The company claimed that EV drivers save an average of £329 per year versus the cost of petrol or diesel models.

First Drive- May 2020-Volvo XC40 PHEV- Image 3“Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and 12 million drivers could soon be swapping their petrol or diesel car for a more environmentally friendly one,” said Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at “The good news for these drivers is that EVs come with an additional financial benefit too — they cost far less to fuel than a petrol or diesel car. However, charging costs can vary depending on your energy tariff. If you are still on your supplier’s Standard Variable Tariff, charging your car could cost an additional £7.69 a month unless you switch to a more competitive fixed-term deal.”


Plugged-in to Electric Vehicle trends

Department for Transport adds funding for more charging points