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Mycardirect launches LCV offshoot

Mycardirect has launched a light commercial vehicle sibling called Myvandirect, offering small and medium-sized vans on a monthly subscription.

The package includes all SMR costs and flexible options from one to 24 months, with electric vans are among those offered. Following the Mycardirect launch in the second half of last year, the company said it has added light commercial ahead of its original plan due to customer demand.

“Instead of being tied to a long-term lease, Myvandirect allows business owners the option to change their vehicles and subscription length to suit ever changing business demands,” said the company. “With multiple electric vans available, Myvandirect can also offer business owners the opportunity to trial a more environmentally and financially sustainable method of mobility. If the trial isn’t successful there is always the option to change vehicle, change subscription length, or terminate early – all tangible benefits of van subscription flexibility.”

EV average mileage passes petrol

New research by Nissan has found that electric vehicles are averaging around 370 more miles per year than petrol or diesel vehicles, with 70% of EV drivers surveyed saying that found range autonomy to be better than expected.

Of the 7000 respondents, across ICE and EV drivers, the average pre-pandemic mileage of EV drivers was 8823, compared with 8451 for petrol or diesel drivers.

The research also found that for ICE drivers, the biggest pull factors to moving to EV would be greater range, ease of charging and better infrastructure.

A third of fleets lack a vehicle policy

Around 33% of fleets don’t have a company vehicle policy in place, while 22% haven’t reviewed their policy to take into account pandemic-related changes such as increased home-working, according to research of 500 fleet decision-makers by Leaseplan.

Reducing fleet risk was found to be the third priority among respondents, behind reducing cost and becoming more sustainable, but Leaseplan said better risk management can impact upon the other two issues.

“Vehicle fleets have provided a vital safety line throughout the pandemic by helping to keep our essential workers mobile. During this time, many businesses have had to make significant changes to their fleet function, and as such, existing company fleet policies may be out of date,” said Leaseplan commercial director Chris Black. “This naturally presents a safety risk to a company’s employees, as well as the general public, so it’s important that those operating fleet do their due diligence.”

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