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New tech for revised Audi A8, ALD and TMC launch new global reporting tool, Younger drivers more trusting of EVs

New tech for revised Audi A8

Audi has refreshed its A8 luxury saloon, with a new grille, upgraded LED lighting, new rear screens “tailored to the expectations of today’s rear-seat passengers” and a range of driver assistance system packages.

The car goes on sale on 2 December, starting from £73,375, with deliveries expected in the second quarter of 2022.

ALD and TMC launch new global reporting tool

ALD Automotive and The Miles Consultancy have combined to launch a new Global Fleet Inventory data reporting solution.

Designed for international fleet managers, the service consolidates reports from multiple sources, including third party data, to give an overall view of fleet performance data.

“When co-designing GFI with our clients and TMC, our goal was to simplify the data consolidation process and facilitate analysis with a truly global approach,” said ALD’s chief commercial officer Annie Pin. “It is imperative that our global clients have a clear and concise overview of how their fleet is performing on an ongoing basis wherever they present and TMC’s expertise allow this to be done neutrally and confidentally.”

Younger drivers more trusting of EV performance

More than half of 18-24 year olds believe electric vehicles are as good as traditional internal combustion engines, a figure that falls to 36% for over 55s, according to YouGov research for The company said the disparity is a concern as older drivers are the ones in the financial position to adopt EVs.

“Government targets, consumer preferences, huge manufacturer investment, and supply concerns are all combining to create a sea-change in the make-up of the automotive market,” said managing director David Timmis. “However, two things need to happen before the major transition towards EVs can take place. Firstly, over 55s need to be convinced of the performance and reliability of sustainably-fuelled vehicles. And secondly, a greater level of accessibility needs to be achieved so the younger generations are able to afford these new, green technologies.”

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