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New Volvo Android infotainment system for XC60 and S/V90

The newly developed Android infotainment system first seen on the electric XC40 is now being fitted to the XC60 and S90/V90 as part of a 2022 model year update.

The system includes access to a growing range of Google apps, including Volvo’s On Call app, and the navigation functions all run through Google Maps.

The model year change also adds wireless charging and the latest version of Volvo’s Advanced Driver Assistance System, as well as new exterior colour and upholstery options, including a leather-free alternative.

App tamper alerts for Jeep Renegade PHEV

Jeep’s Renegade 4xe plug-in hybrid will now alert owners if the car is broken into, towed without authorisation or the battery is disconnected.

The My Theft Assistance runs through the My Uconnect system, and can send a text message, email or app push notification, and if the car has been stolen it can be tracked via the app and the ignition locked.

The feature adds to My Uconnect functions that include battery status and charging scheduling, sending navigation destinations from a phone, activating the vehicle’s locks or lights and in-car wifi for up to eight devices.

“The increase in car thefts across the UK is cause for concern and an experience that owners will be looking to avoid at all costs,” said Damien Dally, country manager Jeep UK. “The innovative theft assistance technology will undoubtedly give Jeep owners, and future buyers, peace of mind that their car and possessions are in the safest possible hands.”

BP Pulse makes £2m investment in older charge points

BP Pulse has announced a £2m fund to replace ageing EV infrastructure, with £400,000 already committed and another £1.5m being made available to local authorities to upgrade and replace existing charging points.

The money already invested will go to replacing 50 “legacy charge points”, which the company said are typically owned by local authorities and installed using Government grant funding.

“While we remain focused on expanding our network, in particular with the proliferation of convenient ultra-fast charging, we know that many of the issues experienced by drivers come from legacy charging infrastructure, so our investment in upgrading it will significantly improve the experience of EV drivers across the country,” said BP Pulse CEO Matteo de Renzi.

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