Nissan has launched a version of its Leaf electric vehicle with a longer range.

Just 5,000 Leaf 3.ZERO e+ models are being produced for Europe and it is equipped with a larger capacity 62kW battery which the Japanese brand claims will allow it travel for up to 229 miles between charges – a 62 mile improvement over the standard 40kW model.

A spokesman for the brand told Company Car Today the Leaf 3.ZERO e+ variant is a launch edition designed to introduce the larger battery and that confirmed that it would be available across the board in due course, but could not provide a timescale for a wider roll-out.

The launch edition is priced from £36,795 including the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant with the first deliveries expected to commence in the summer.

Longer-range Leaf

It is intended to be flagship model within the range and features an eight-inch infotainment screen and the firm’s Pro Pilot and e-Pedal technologies.

Gareth Dunsmore, director, electric vehicles and connected services at Nissan Europe, said: “The Nissan Leaf 3.ZERO e+ Limited Edition broadens the appeal of the Leaf family even further, adding more range to an award-winning package that remains great to drive and live with. Since we launched the new Nissan Leaf last year, the customer response has been outstanding. In an EV market that is constantly growing, sustaining the Leaf’s status as the most popular EV in Europe in 2018 is a testament to the strength of the product. We hope the Leaf 3.ZERO models will help continuing this extraordinary growth in 2019.”

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