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The number of non-compliant vehicles entering London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone has fallen by more than a third since its introduction in April, new figures released by City Hall show.

A report issued by the mayor’s office show that 23,054 non-compliant vehicles were detected on average per day in July 2019 – down more than 12,500 or 35% –  on the figure of 35,578 in March 2019 prior to the introduction of the zone.

The report also found that over the first four months of ULEZ operation, there was a 30% decrease in the proportion of vehicles in the central zone that were non-compliant and 75% of vehicles in the zone over the period met the ULEZ standards 24/7, compared with 74% in the one-month report.

ULEZ - London Signpost Image

“The figures prove that the ULEZ continues to have a significant impact with 12,500 fewer older, polluting vehicles now coming into the zone compared with March,” said mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Khan plans to expand the ULEZ area to cover the North and South circular roads by 2021 if re-elected as mayor next year and added:  “These older vehicles send harmful emissions into our air and lungs and I will continue to take bold action to protect Londoners from this invisible killer. It is highly encouraging to see that so many motorists and businesses are helping reduce pollution by driving cleaner vehicles into the zone.”